Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Blackland Triathlon Race Report

600 meter swim, 15 mile bike ride and 5K run
My Place is 132/420
Swim rank 107 / Time 5:53
Transition 1 3:03
Bike rank 231 / time 55:42 / pace 16.2
Transition 2 2:11
Run rank 24 / time 21:17 / pace 6:52
Total time 1:28:09

So this was my first Tri. I have been saying for the last couple of years that I wanted to try one. This one fit my schedule so I got a bunch of my friends to sign up with me. I did not train for this event other than to run. I am in the middle of training for Chicago and I was not willing to cut back on any of my miles to get in any swimming or riding. I figured I am a strong swimmer and I should be able to ride a bike good enough. First mistake I made was running a strong 20 mile run the day before the race. This gave me dead legs and very little energy for an endurance event. I was very nervous for this event. I was not sure what all I needed and how to set it all up. Once I got my bike setup in the transition area I could tell I had already over estimated myself. I was number 42 and with all the top swimmers as they put us in order of our estimated swim. I ended up 1 minute slower than I estimated. It did make me feel good when most of these guys said they would run a 9 min pace. After a lot of visiting we headed into the pool area to swim. Once in the water I felt really good and it even felt like I was catching the person in front of me. After 100 meters I really started to slow down. I just went as fast as I could and got past by two swimmers. By the time I got out of the water I was exhausted.

Next mistake was I put on my helmet before my shirt so I had to redo that. After I got my shoes on I headed out with the bike. I had a little problem getting my left foot clipped in. The pedal was upside down. Took me a couple of miles to get going but I felt pretty good for the next 8 miles as I usually kept it in the 18 MPH pace. It was a hilly course and my legs were dead from the start. The last 5 miles were not as strong as I was on my second loop. Next time I will not worry about my watch and just ride. Oh, and some training runs would have helped.

Got my shoes traded out and headed out on the run. Once I was running I was passing everyone and never got passed. I thought I felt pretty good but looking at my splits (7:32, 7:08, 6:47) It took me a while to get warmed up. I kept thinking while I was passing people. This is what all you bike riders get for passing me at 24+MPH. It was again a very hilly course and the last .1 was down hill but they had this terrible winding path right before the finish line. I ran the last part at 5:20 pace and almost went off course and into the trees.

Since I started with all the fast swimmers I was one of the first in our group to finish except for Chris W. but most of them still beat me overall because everyone was faster on the bike. They had a decent post race so we all hung around for a little to get some pictures. This was a very humbling experience for me. I am use to placing a lot higher at races (running) and I was very average at this event. I find it just about impossible for me to enter a race and just have fun. I learned a lot and I will try another one next summer with a little more well rounded training.