Monday, December 14, 2009

White Rock Half Marathon 2009

My goal for the White Rock Half Marathon was 1:27.(6:38 pace) It was an aggressive goal but I had run this pace in an 8 mile race a few weeks ago so it seemed possible on a good day. Met Jayna & Brittany at Jayna’s apartment only a few blocks away from the race at 7 AM. We walked over to the start dropped off my bag and made a stop at the port-a-lets. Then we moved to the starting corral. I felt great at the starting line.
At the start I took off right on pace and soon found Shaheen as I was going to run with her. We stayed together for the first 3 miles. During mile 4 she started to pull away. I had my watch on autolap and my mile markers were not on with the course. I will do manual lap in future races. I was a little frustrated as my first 3 miles were below goal pace and I was still 6 seconds back. Gotta love all the mental crap we go thru during a race.

Mile 1 - 6:37 +23 ft
Mile 2 - 6:33 +64 ft
Mile 3 - 6:19 -32 ft (downhill)
Mile 4 - 6:38 -4

I started to really slow down during mile 5. It was a little uphill but not enough to cause such a slow down. I think this mile really broke my spirit and I need to attack and handle things better than that. For some reason I never really recaptured my energy level I had earlier in the race. I was also starting to feel thirsty even though I had no plans to drink during this race. I took a cup of Gatorade at mile 7. Just one of those days when I could not get my legs to go any faster and my energy level was low.

Mile 5 - 7:03 +91 ft (uphill)
Mile 6 - 6:43 +47
Mile 7 - 6:55 +15
Mile 8 - 6:56 -92
Mile 9 - 6:54 +52
Mile 10 - 6:45 -18

At mile 11 I was on the Katy trail and I heard the person tell me I was on 6:48 pace. I knew I would need just a little time to get a PR as I was probably right on my old PR’s pace. Mark K. was there telling me to go and pass those guys so I got on my horse and decided to go. So while I passed 6 or 7 people in the next mile I was not able to hold it. Got a little side stitch in mile 12 and I was giving all I had to hold a good pace at that point. Once I hit the last quarter mile I got on my toes and started to sprint.

Mile 11 - 6:31 -26
Mile 12 - 6:45 -54
Mile 13 - 6:48 -60

Final time was 1:28:52 for a 15 second PR. I am not at all satisfied with that. I have worked too hard to be happy with a 15 second PR. I think my training is fine other than I could go a little slower on some days and keep working on the speed work. The biggest change I need is in my diet. I eat way too many sweets, sodas and fast food. I need to cut that out and lose at least 6 lbs. I put on 4 lbs at Thanksgiving and it is hanging around.